About Tidus Web Company

Tidus Web Company was founded in 2004 by an innovative freelance designer. Tidus Web has since evolved into a full service company that provides a wide variety of web solutions for many types of clients. Our company uses "out of the box" ideas to accomplish web challenges. Tidus Web Company has served over 25 individual clients in 2010. We also service many firms on a monthly basis. We offer the most competitive prices in the market while maintaining compelling design, and functionality.

Our Philosophy

Easy, simple, useful: ergonomic. Our product and design philosophy start well before our websites are actually “launched.” We want your offering to be obvious and compelling right when you hit our site, and for user interaction to be effortless. Finally, using the websites we design should be like playing with a great toy – fun out of the box and enjoyable to learn.

We take the side of a utilitarian and simple design approach. We recognize the demographic for our clients before we begin design. We realize that the viewers will have varying levels of web experience. Thus, our focus is on helping these people, all of whom are in giving mode, to find the cause that resonates best with them, and then let them do what they want to do on your website – quickly and easily.